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Designing the Bathroom of Your Dreams

on Sep 11, 2015
In what room do you think you spend most of your time every morning? Is it the 

bedroom where you may choose out your outfit? Or the kitchen where you prepare 

your morning coffee? Or is it the bathroom where you may shower, blow dry your 

hair, apply cosmetics, brush your teeth etc.? Most of our answers would likely go 

with the third option. The bathroom is a space where you spend a good deal of your 

time, thus it should be treated as such. With unique design options from Live Well 

Custom Homes, we can make your bathroom a relaxing and useful place where you 

can start and end your day.

When you think “relaxation” in the bathroom, which aspect of the room do you 

picture? You more than likely picture the bathtub. There is nothing more relaxing 

than soaking in the tub after a long day at work. There has been a widely 

understood generalization that the bathtub is only really used by women, however. 

Many people believe that men don’t like to take baths. There actually may be a 

simple reason for that: the size of a tub. Standard tubs are 5 ft. long and fairly 

narrow width wise, causing the activity of taking a bath to be an uncomfortable 

experience. Men often need more leg and width room within the tub, which can be 

fixed with the simple inclusion of a larger tub in the bathroom. With that simple 

change, the man of the house can start to enjoy the activity of taking a bath and see 

the bathroom as a place of relaxation.