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Home bought or built through LiveWell Custom Homes

on Nov 20, 2015
At Live Well Custom Homes a top complaint that we often hear is that home-buyers have trouble finding homes with realistic livability. A home can appear perfect on the outside, but lack the necessities within the home that make everyday life easier. However, our experienced home builder Rick Merlini ensures that a home bought or built through Live Well Custom Homes does not have that problem. 
Rick Merlini has over 30 years of experience in the home-building business. He has heard many complaints from home-buyers over the years and knows how to rectify any problem in the home building process. When it comes to a home with livability, Rick Merlini and Live WellCustom Homes know how to take a home-buyer’s concerns and lifestyle and include solutions within the home to assist them in their 
daily routine. A home with an increase in livability includes the form and function of the home. When a buyer comes to Live Well Custom Homes we will ask them about the problems that they have in their current home. If they complain about a lack of storage, Rick Merlini will make sure that their new home has plenty of built-in storage space. Likewise, if their issue in their current home is that the home feels 
too crowded, their new home through Live Well Custom Homes will be built with an open floor plan. Rick Merlini will work with new home buyers and ensure that any problem in their current home will not become a problem in their new home.