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The Travel Center: Making Traveling Easier Starting with Packing at Home!

on Dec 30, 2015

At Live Well Custom Homes we are always open to hearing ideas of how we can make our homes more livable, from home buyers themselves. One complaint we heard often from clients of ours that traveled for work was that they didn’t have a place in their current home to store all of their traveling essentials. Coming home from a business trip to unpack, or packing for another one was a pain because it was often hard to find what they needed. These complaints were heard, and Live Well Custom Homes started offering the Travel Center as an option for the master walk in closet.

The Travel Center is a very simple detail that was often left out of traditional built-in storage spaces in homes. The Travel Center is simple a space in the master walk in closet that has storage available for travel essentials when not in use and also a wide surface that the home owner can pack her suitcase right in the closet. This makes the packing and unpacking process so much easier and keeps packing essentials 
where one can find them at any time. 

Little details like the Travel Center are what livability of a home is all about. At Live Well Custom Homes, we want to make your daily routines easier, with thoughtful details throughout your home.