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We often treat our pets

on Oct 16, 2015
We often treat our pets as we would our kids- especially before we have our first child. Our pets welcome us home every day and bring us so much joy. So why not make a home that accommodates fido’s needs?  There are special features that you can include in your home to make it a pet-friendly space for your furry friends.One main concern for dog owner’s is where they can groom their dog in the home. 
Most dog owner’s do not want to continually take their dog to the groomer for routine bathing and sometimes you just need to bathe your dog unexpectedly! Having an outdoor bathing station for your dog is a great feature for a pet friendly home. You can include a hot/cold water spout over pavement where you can bathe your dog and let him dry off. Or- if you have a small dog- a deep sink in the basement 
or garage can be a great spot to bathe your pooch during the winter months.As crazy as it may seem, you can even have a room dedicated to the needs of your dog. It can be a small space that simply has storage for all of your dog’s toys and accessories and a spot for his bed. This way you keep all of your “pet clutter” to one spot. The type of flooring you choose is  also important in making it pet friendly. The best type of flooring for dogs is hand-scraped hard wood floors as it won’t appear scratched from their nails. The scratches that naturally happen from dogs walking on the floor will actually blend in with the pattern of a hand-scraped wood floor.