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New Home-Wider Doors and Hallways ( Mar 31, 2015 )
Most new homes today are built to local building codes. Not many of them exceed those codes. Building codes are more concerned about the public safety and welfare instead of the way we live in our homes today.Having wider doors and hallway are really not thought of until that one day that you try to move that something through a door or hallway and it doesn’t fit.  You stand there wondering why the builder didn’t think about making those doors wider.Making doors and hallways wider does NOT cost that much more. What it does take is more planning and design.  Wider doors and hallway in your custom new home will benefit you and your family from the first move in day on.  Wider doors and hallways make moving furniture easier. It creates easy access for walkers or wheel chairs when needed. And the largest design benefit is that it makes your home feel bigger by not having that closed in feeling.One of our design features that we include in every new home we build is a front door that is 42” wider by 8’ tall. Besides the benefit already mention above, what this door also does is creates a feeling of grandeur once you open the door. The wider and taller door gives you a feeling of opening up something of substance. The wider and taller doors make a great first impression to everyone who enters.Great planning makes for great execution. So remember, greatness in is the details. It is those small details that will make the difference.  Live Well Custom Homes makes sure those small details that one might look over are covered while designing your custom new home.