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Functional Storage Space ( Mar 31, 2015 )
Designing a luxury home in Birmingham or Royal Oak, where the homes are often built close together, can at times be a challenge due to the lack of square footage available. One of the solutions that we have found at Live Well Custom Homes is taking advantage of the “dead space” that would usually exist in any average home. Walls, hallways, narrow spaces, and even the space underneath the staircase were often wasted with no purpose in traditionally built homes.

One design that we love to use is a living room with built-in shelving units and entertainment centers. With built-in entertainment centers you can house all of your media, gaming consoles, flat screen, and accessories in one organized and aesthetically pleasing spot.  We can even design the entertainment center so that it looks seemingly cordless, with all of those unattractive cords stored behind the wall. Maybe you don’t want your television to be visible at all when it is not in use; we can even create a hidden space for your flat screen using a variety of designs.