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Outdoor Livability ( Mar 31, 2015 )
Another traditional aspect of outdoor living is the patio. While the porch is the place where you may spend a relaxing night with your family connecting with the neighborhood, the patio is the place for larger scale entertaining and provides a get away from everyday life that is literally in your backyard. When it comes to designing the patio, we like our clients at Live Well Custom Homes to consider a few things: purpose, location, size, shape, and aesthetics. The purpose of the patio is important as it will be the first decision that will guide the rest of the planning. Will you primarily use your patio as a dining space to share delicious meals off the grill with family and friends? Is your patio going to be used as a meeting center to relax outdoors with loved ones? The answer to these questions will help us to decide the location of your patio. If the patio will be used as a dining area, the best place to build it is next to the kitchen for instance. The size of the patio is also determined by its purpose. Do you want to have space on the patio for a grill or hammock for example? Lastly the shape and look of the patio will be the aspects that will make it feel like a vacation space, right in your backyard. You may want a traditional circular or rectangular patio, or maybe you want something more interesting like a crescent shaped patio surrounding your favorite tree in the yard. Your patio should be designed to fit your lifestyle and have the ability to accommodate all of the outdoor activities that your family will enjoy for years to come.