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Women Centric

What is a Women-Centric home?

1. Women have inspired us to design our homes for increased livability and style.

2. Included features, options and upgrades are viewed from a woman’s perspective.

3. Our customers’ experiences are remarkable!




is a simple yet profound new approach to residential design and home building. We recognize that women and men approach the home’s design and therefore home building projects differently. Historically, most architects, engineers, home building contractors and most of their tradespeople are men. Unintentionally, most homes have had a distinctly male flavor.   Woman-Centric Matters! is a holistic approach to home design and home building. Derived from a decade of research into women’s preferences in the home, innovation in home design, products used and other amenities are wrapped around a remarkable customer experience.   At its core, our woman-centric approach is founded on helping our clients make wise, informed decisions regarding their home’s design and the products featured in the home. Many of our clients are delighted to discover amenities for their home they didn’t even know existed! But most important, we never forget this is your home. You are at the center of everything we do. You talk…we listen. And we ask questions to come up with solutions that deliver a home that’s truly you.Woman Centric Home Builder Birmingham Mi

What makes a Women-Centric Home Builder?

As a Woman-Centric Matters licensee, we are proud to state the following as our core values:

  • We are dedicated to creating home designs that resonate for how you live – with a special emphasis placed on areas for de-stressing, entertaining, storage and flexible living.
  • We are dedicated to saving you time and adding convenience with everything from our convenient office location to re-designing the customer’s purchase experience. 
  • We are dedicated to giving both men and women the best value in every way possible. Men typically define “value” in terms of lowest price. While price is important, women most often think in terms of “best overall value,” including aspects such as trust and customer service. 
  • We are dedicated to addressing home safety and health concerns women have in their frequent role as primary caregiver and nurturer. “By 2010, about ½ the women in America over 49 will be caregivers for someone in her family.” – LifeSpring Environs, Inc. 
  • We are dedicated to reducing stress both in the purchasing experience and in the home design. “Stress in her life is the #1 compelling theme for women.” – Mary Lou Quinlon in Just Ask A Woman
  • We are dedicated to becoming our customers’ new home investment counselor. We care about you, your concerns, your future, and we want to help you make wise, informed decisions.