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Before you start

We take the time to learn about you… how?

We have done this by creating two different quizzes that help us learn more about you.  The more we learn about you the better we can serve you.

Are you a past customer?  Well we still care! 

  1. Warranty Services
  2. We request all of our customers to submit warranty requests in writing, the reason for this is so that we have a hard copy of your request so that we can manage them better for you. Here are the tools that can help us better serve you:

    Online request form

  3. We want your advice
  4. We strive to be the best possible building company that we can be.  We believe that we need to learn so that we can better serve our future customers.  So we encourage our customers to tell us how they feel.  We ask for advice on how to make things better; whether is a home plan that needs to be changed, or our services that we provide, we want your advice.