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Let the Sunshine In and The Winter Blues Out ( Mar 31, 2015 )
We are all drawn to natural sunlight. Our bodies crave it and mainly because sunlight is our natural source of Vitamin D or “sunlight hormone”. Ever notice towards the end of winter your body starts feeling sluggish, tired and increasingly irritable? You start craving carbohydrates, your desire for sleep increases and you start losing interest in pleasurable or fulfilling activities? These are all symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder or “Seasonal Depression”. So why is this?Our bodies are designed to fulfill Vitamin D needs by producing it in response to natural UV exposure given off by natural sunlight. When exposure to sunlight is limited, vitamin D levels decrease and the winter blues skyrocket.This proven fact is one of the main reasons why, when designing your custom new home it is important to add an efficient amount of windows. Beside the health benefits, natural light will make your home feel larger and much more welcoming. Whenever you can see thru a room to the outdoors, it brings nature and the outside into your home. You can also use this as part of your home décor.So, besides looking at increasing your window sizes, you should always look for places to add additional windows to your custom new home design.  Make sure you take into consideration the direction that wall is facing and at what time the sun will be directed towards that window.