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Preparing for the Future with Green Building

on Oct 16, 2015
It seems that everywhere we look in this day and age businesses and people are

promoting the idea of “Going Green.” We’re not talking about Kermit the Frog here. 

This generation of homebuyers is starting to make the necessary steps to decrease 

their environmental footprint. This desire to make a difference in the affect we have 

on the environment manifests itself in every area of life today: what we buy, what 

we eat, what we drive, and even what we wear. Being that your home is where you 

spend most of your life and thus most of your daily energy usage, the home is one of 

the most impactful places for the affect you have on the environment.

At Live Well Custom Homes, we aim to build homes that reduce your environmental 

impact, without affecting the quality or size of your home. There are many simple 

details to include in your home that can make it more eco-friendly. 

Looking to conserve water? Consider low-flow plumbing for your shower and bath. 

You can also have a low-flow washer for your clothes. This small change can make a 

difference not only in the environment, but on your water bill. Or, looking to 

maintain the temperature in your home in a more natural way? Consider using a 

material on your roof that reflects rather than absorbs heat for those hot summer 

months. Terra Cotta, white tile, or slate are great to keep your roof cool. 

These are only a few of the small changes your builder can include in your home to 

make it more eco-friendly. Ask us at Live Well Custom Homes how you can make 

your home more “Green” today.